[A] - [D]: Walk || [W]: Aim up || [S]: Prone

[Numpad 1] : Crouch || [Numpad 2] : Shot  || [Numpad 3] : Jump

[Enter]: Pause ||  [°] : Toggle fullscreen

Rogue commando is a shooting platformer inspirated in Contra, Sunset Riders and Metal Slug. This early version may have bugs, please leave a comment if you find one.


  • "Crouching" and "on-move" shooting
  • 3 kind of weapons: 1 basic and 2 that can be obtained destroying crates.
  • Check point system: After die, you will spawn in the last safe place you passed by.
  • Constant enemy spawning: There be always something to destroy.
  • Joypad support and alternative controls for kekboards without numpad (Download version only).

Incoming Features:

  • Graphic enhancement.
  • More weapons and enemies.
  • More levels.
  • More animations for all characters.

If you enjoyed this game (and I hope so), you can support my job on Patreon.

Update log:


  • Added loading screens (not finished yet)
  • Level name now appears once the level starts
  • Joystick Support and alternative keys (J, K and L) for the downloadable version 
  • Some other minor fixes.


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I wish there were way to change control scheme

But it's a good start nonetheless

You can use an alternative scheme in the downloadable version. It allows you to use J/K/L instead of 1/2/3, or even use a joystick.