==| What's this?

This is a demo of a H-game, so don't expect too much features by now. There will be some complex game mechanics in the future for sure, but by now take it as what it is: a DEMO.

==| Instructions:

Click (left or right mouse button) the knees to set different leg position.

Some interactions may require you to keep the right or left mouse button pressed, such as bra/pantie removing.

Watch out for the red bar. If it reaches the top of the screen, the girl will wake up and you will lose!

==| Note:

Exp system is not finished yet.

==| Support.

Wanna give support? You liked some aspect of my work and want to see more? Go to my Patreon or use the donation button below the game frame.

Development log


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What do you mean by straight

both legs fully extended



HOW DO i GET to pussy

Set both legs straight and hold L mouse button on panties.


why is the clasp in the front wtf!!!!


There are front bra clasps, look for it on amazon.


thank u ........


QUICK question, i bought grab breast, how do I use it? 


You must remove the bra before, once you get the breast exposed you will be able to use it.

how do i remove bra? i keep clicking but jt won;t move

Hold left mouse button on the bra strings, the once you get both strings removed, do the same with the cup junction. Make sure that grab tool is enabled.




Cool update, excited to see progress.

Can't figure out how to take off her panties though :P

Make sure the "grab" button is activated, place both legs straight and press and hold the left mouse button in the center area of the panties, two hands should appear on both sides. 


Nice visuals, I feel like this holds potential. 

I'll be keeping an eye on it.


This looks nice.

Can't wait

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Thanks! There are several features to be added soon...